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SERENUM’s mission is to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in the area of electronics [PDF] and mechanics [PDF] design and development. The focus is on inertial and measurement systems as well as time and frequency control and mechanical design and processing of parts or subsystems (cases, mechanisms, locking devices, fixtures) including theoretical and numerical analysis, for space and terrestrial applications. Due to our company know-how, we can serve our partners with customized turn-key solutions also for other application segments. The aim is to supply top products and services with superior reliability and quality which are at the forefront of the corresponding technical domain. We treat our customer requirements with maximum consideration and helpfulness. Highly versatile solutions are offered to address customer needs.

SERENUM is 100% owned subsidiary of Aerospace Research and Test Establishment (VZLU) thus having, i.e., access to the pool of experts, testing and production facilities.

SERENUM is member of Association Of The Aviation Manufacturers (ALV).


capacitive microaccelerometer fig.2capacitive microaccelerometer fig.1

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