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    Custom design and development of electronics

    • Custom design of electronics, digital signal processing, data acquisition systems, and real-time process control
    • FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) design, IP core development, high-throughput real-time data processing, on-the-fly re-programmability, using RTL (VHDL) synthesis with optional low-level EDIF netlist generation, including alternative industrial and aerospace versions

    Measurement and control design

    • Special equipment manufacturing, motion analysis and control in robotics, transport, navigation, stabilization
    • Localization systems based on inertial-, camera- and beacon-based measurements, optional fusion with satellite navigation; own robust estimation algorithms tailored to specifics of 3D motion properties
    • Analysis, calculation and implementation of controllers and estimators; implementation of measurement and control in real-time as well as offline processing
    • Industrial robot control (serial kinematic chains), manipulators, inverse kinematics, interpolation, multi-axis trajectory synchronization
    • Digital signal processing, algorithm implementation or stand-alone hardware solutions; experience in healthcare, software-defined radio, acoustics, and image processing

    Time and Clock Management

    • Delay compensation and adjustment for use in telecommunications, satellite technology, and navigation
    • Precision time metrology, custom built equipment, event time, interval and phase measurement (10-12…10-10 s RMS single-shot jitter), accurate frequency/phase synthesis; optimal estimation of time and phase of the measurement system clocks (clock ensembling), distribution and synchronization of time in the industrial and computer networks, electro-optical devices calibration
    • Measurement, generation and distribution of precise time and timestamps, systems based on radiation-tolerant FPGA
    • Numerical simulation of timing and photonic devices


    • Electronic and electromechanical system audit and optimization
    • Design and processing of prototypes including production documentation
    • Design and manufacture of testing appliances for measured devices
    • Measurement and testing of electronic or electromechanical devices
    • Consultancy in administration of space contracts


    Design – mechanisms

    • Experiences with space applications (Locking mechanisms, HDRM, Front door of coronagraph…)
    • Expert material selection
    • Variant solution in case of complex assemblies
    • Customer access to all key design calculations

    Calculations – Design verification

    • Appropriate conversion of design into mathematical models
    • Skilled determination of critical boundary conditions, kind of loads and analyses types in order to simulate real conditions (statics vs. dynamics, fatique, nonlinearities …)
    • Assessment of results with feasible redesign proposals

    Calculations – Composites

    • Determination of critical parts and spots of a part or an assembly considered, using a proper criteria (Halpin-Tsai….)
    • Strain and margin of safety determination
    • Mathematical models verification by static, modal or vibrational tests

    Calculations – Buckling

    • On case of need using nonlinear mathematical models (material and geometric nonlinearities)
    • Possibility of check and tuning of nonlinear material models by tests
    • Simulation of buckling and post-buckling (arc-length methods) states (arc-length methods)

    Calculations – Dynamics

    • Modal analysis (verification of Eigenfrequency and shapes is possible)
    • Transient and frequency response
    • Vibration analysis, responses to specified spectra (sinus, random)
    • Structure shock response

    Calculations – Dynamics – MBS

    • Dynamic analysis of rigid and flexible parts connected with varions joints
    • Time history of reaction forces and displacements of nodes
    • Transient stress and strain fields
    • Vibration analysis
    • DOE + Monte Carlo methods and Optimization

    Calculations – Explicit Dynamics

    • Penetrations
    • Impacts
    • Crashes

    Calculations – Thermal

    • GMM, TMM model development
    • Submodel quality checks and incorporation of all models into one common subsystem thermal model
    • Thermal analysis (ESATAN) of all space mission load cases
    • Reduced model development

    Tests – Clean room

    • Assemblage, soldering, measurement
    • Thermovacuum tests are available in the clean room
    • Cleanliness
      • Room: 100,000
      • Tent: 10,000
    • Maximum dimensions for parts to be assembled:
      • Room:
        • 8,5m x 3,5m x 4m or
        • 6m x 4,5m x 4m
      • Tent:
        • 1,82m x 2,1m x 2,6m

    Tests – TV chamber

    • Chamber volume:
      • 1m3
    • Vacuum value
      • Less than 10-3 Pa
      • Not variable
    • Temperature values
      • Range: -60ºC ÷120ºC
      • Accuracy: 0.1ºC
      • Rate: 1ºC/min
    • Breakthrough
      • 10 x DSUB connector 50 pin
    • Maximum internal dimensions for parts to be placed into chamber:
      • 800mm x 800mm x 800mm

    Tests – Vibration, shock devices

    • Vibration tests
    • Resonance determination
    • Shocks
    • Accident safety
    • Combined tests (vibration, shocks, temperature, humidity)
    • Linear acceleration
    • Electrodynamic vibration and shock device:
      • LDS V890-LPT900 COMBO
      • TIRA S597/LS-340
      • LDS V850-440 HBT600 COMBO
    • Standards:
      • EN 60068-2-57, 59, 64
      • RTCA/DO-160
      • MIL-STD-810
      • VW 80101

    Tests – NDT, stress/strain measurement

    • Equipment:
      • Visual method – endoscope IW2, IF8D2, stereomicroscope (Olympus)
      • Eddy Current method – Phasec 2200 (Hocking), Defectometer 2.835, 2.837 (Foerster), EddyScan 30 (Nortec)
      • Ultrasound and Acoustic – MasterScan 340 (Sonatest), BondMaster 1000 (Staveley)
      • Acoustic Emission method – Xedo (Dakel)
      • Thermo-graphic analyses – Spate 4000 (Ometron)
      • Shearography and ESPI systems – Q800, Q100 (Dantec Dynamics)
      • Liquid Penetrates – Ardrox (Chemetall)
      • Optical method – Aramis (Gom)
    • Standard specifications:
      • EN 473, ISO 9712, EN 4179, NAS-410, SNT-TC-1A
    • Approval certificates:
      • UT, ET — EN 473 level 2
      • VT — EN 473 level 3, EN 4179 level 2, NAS-410 level 2

    Tests – Material

    • Coupon, panel and structural part static and fatigue testing
    • Crack growth monitoring
    • Fracture toughness tests (K-factor, J-integral, plastic zone, …)
    • Contact corrosion tests
    • Hot-Wet testing
    • Equipment:
      • Fatigue and static loading test machines MTS, Instron Schenck, Tira, Inova, Instron and Amsler up to 500 kN
      • Laboratory for metallographic and fracture surfaces analysis:
        • Metallographic microscope GX51 BF/DF (1000x)
        • Optical microscope Olympus SZ40 (50x)
        • Spectrometers BAIRD Foundrymate + PerkinElmer

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