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    product-photoBuilding CubeSat is fun. It is more fun, if there are proper instruments. With our CubeSat debug tool it is possible to measure, disconnect or modify interconnection of any signal from standard 104 pin CubeSat connector. I2C bus pull-up resistor is missing? No problem, if you have common resistor with wire leads to plug it in. Is there some problem with signal allocation? The board probably needs to be modified, but it can be tested now by making correction on debug tool. Measurement of currents flowing from one board to another is also simple thanks to possibility of disconnecting path and insertion of ampermeter. There is also dual-channel USB converter with serial or parallel interface enabling communication of devices with PC. Price: 1250€

    SNM-CD10 Datasheet

    Capacitive Accelerometer

    product-photoHigh accuracy microaccelerometer is a device that enables you to measure an influence of non-gravitational forces upon an artificial satellite. It is used for measurement of very small and slow accelerations in space. The principal part of electrostatic accelerometer for space applications is a sensor based on a free-floating proofmass placed within a cavity of the same shape. To measure and control the proofmasss actual position inside the cavity, position detectors are used. They are working on the principle of capacity measurement between the proofmass and electrodes. The proofmass is kept at the center of the cavity by six independent electrostatic servomechanisms applying an action control voltage to electrode pairs. Electrostatic forces needed to fulfill this task are directly proportional to the forces acting on the satellite body.



    product-photo SNM-PLL-H201 is low phase noise programmable frequency synthesizer suitable among others for demanding timing applications. It provides frequencies from 100MHz to 350MHz which may be locked to stable 5MHz or 10MHz reference usual for H-masers and atomic clocks resulting in low jitter output signal convenient as a master clock for precise timing devices. For more information see datasheet. Higher input/output frequencies are available upon request.
    Price: 915€

    SNM-PLL-H201 Datasheet

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